Dental 3D printer CREATOR for the digital workflow

The CREATOR is ideally suited to manufacture with 3D printing complex mass and customized dental implants, crowns, caps, model castings as well as secondary structures. The technology enables cost-effective mass customization with support of the dental workflow 3D printing software Dental Cockpit.

3D printing in dental medicine leads to improved quality for the manufacturing dentures. The digital workflow for dental laboratories is an easy way to produce sensitive dental products. The small footprint of the CREATOR, with the ability to fit easily through a standard doorway, literally makes it the most accessible system for dental laboratories in its class.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Taking a couple of different applications for which the CREATOR is commonly used, the economics add up.

First 3D printing of dental caps with Cobalt-Chromium powder, which in geometry terms are custom-made and consisting of relatively complex unique structures, although small and require a good surface finish. Based on sales cost of € 8,00 per unit, with monthly volumes typically around 5,280 units and taking into account capital costs, the costs of Cobalt-Chromium powder, as well as other fixed running costs, and conservatively assuming a production rate of 240 units per day (using 1.1 g of Cobalt-Chromium per unit), the return on investment (ROI) can be achieved in less than three months at full capacity.

At 50% capacity, ROI is typically achieved within a period of six months after the dental 3D printer CREATOR has been installed and put into operation.

Break-even Analysis dental 3D printer

Variable Costs per Unit

Unit Contribution Margin

Materials for dental manufacturing with the CREATOR

The dental 3D printer CREATOR is suitable for manufacturing dentures like crowns and bridges from CoCr or titanium powder. Worldwide approx. 30% of dentures are made of CoCr. The biocompatible materials are high corrosion resistant due to a firmly adhering passive layer. Furthermore, the high bond strength with ceramics and low heat conductivity provides wearing comfort for the patient.

Due to the APP SUITE software and the dedicated Dental Cockpit the CREATOR is an open system.  Hence to this the user is independent on powder suppliers. Further technical data of the CREATOR can be found here.

Dental Showcase

The most demanded 3d printing jobs are dental caps with over 90 percent and dental bars.

Dental Caps 90%
Dental Bars 7%
Others 3%

Integration of the CREATOR into the dental workflow

The dentist Dr. Radu Ignatescu has more than 25 years of expertise and thus possesses a wide knowledge about the dental industry. This includes data capture, design software and full manufacturing capabilities using both additive and subtractive manufacturing. Moreover, he is an expert in the fields of diagnostics, orthodontics, dental implants and prothesis.

The production of small, complex and personalized dentures such as implants, crowns, partials and bridges on request is possible with the dental 3D printer CREATOR within short time in large quantities. Learn with Dr. Ignatescu more about the easy integration of the metal 3D printer CREATOR and our Dental Cockpit software into the digital dental workflow and have a look at our showcase.

Dental Success Story PDF

Watch how the CREATOR enhances the dental production workflow

Dental Cockpit Software

3D printing has never been easier than with the innovative CAD/CAM software APP SUITE and the dedicated Dental Cockpit.  Parts can be loaded and printed with two clicks. The Dental Cockpit is designed for the dental industry to reduce complexity from the digital dental workflow where time is money. We offer the fastest job preparation in the industry.

Click 1

With the first click customers can open multiple STL files. The parts will be automatically aligned, nested on the platform and ID tags as well as support structures are generated.

Click 2

With the second click the solid slicing job starts, scanning strategy applied, and the G-code for the CREATOR is generated. The Dental Cockpit uses a set of preferred strategies by default, ordered by powder type and imported from the APP SUITE. The default strategy can be selected on a specific setting page.

Interested in the CREATOR for dentistry?

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