Scanning skeleton for dental 3D printing

The scanning of the skeleton and design of the CAD file are the first steps of a customized dental bridge printed by the metal 3D printer CREATOR within the digital dental workflow in the dental lab of Dr. Ignatescu.


Preparing CAD file via Dental Cockpit

With help of the CAD/CAM software APP SUITE and the dedicated Dental Cockpit two clicks for loading and printing are needed and all preparations are done for a fast and high-quality print. Print strategies can be selected quickly and easily to achieve the best possible results.


Starting metal 3D printing

Start of the dental metal 3D printing job with the CREATOR. The usage of the system is both intuitive and easy to manage through its interface. The experience has demonstrated pretty well that dental lab employees can manage the CREATOR on their own, with great results

Printing Job Preparation 100%
Dental Workflow 11%


3D printed dental bridge

The metal 3D printed dental part is now ready for the removal from the CREATOR. Depending on the complexity and size of the denture, the printing process can take between two and seven hours.


3D Printing Progress

Dental Workflow

Post processing

After the removal of the building platform the part is inserted into the pre-heated oven and the annealing process starts. Subsequently, the component is sandblasted to refine the surface followed by the removal of all support structures. The polishing of the dental bridge is the final stage of the post-processing.


Ceramic coating

After annealing, sandblasting, support removal and polishing the 3D printed dental CoCr bridge is ready for porcelain firing.

Same day

Finished dental bridge

An exactly fitting and high quality dental bridge is ready for the customer. This procedure or only parts of it can also be used for the manufacturing of abutments, dental crowns or partial bridges.

The digital dental workflow is completed!

Start 3D metal printing your own dentures!