3D printing is a game changer for the dental industry, with capabilities that permit the mass customization and production of dentures. The 3D metal printer CREATOR is ideally suited for the production of customized implants, crowns, partials, abutments and bridges on demand. An accessible design, our integrated CAM software APP SUITE with the two-click solution Dental Cockpit, the small footprint and the high functionality of the CREATOR make it an ideal production tool for dental laboratories. The system fits comfortably and safely within the digital dental workflow and offers a cost-effective output of parts at consistently high quality. Explore the CREATOR for the dental industry.


The advantages of additive manufacturing for medical applications are well documented and cover a broad spectrum of disciplines for medical devices and surgical implants where customization and enhanced product functionality improve patient outcomes. With specific and approved materials within a certified process, the CREATOR is a capable and highly competitive system for a range of medical applications. Examples are surgical instruments, complex mass and customized implants, as well as new medical device development and manufacture.


3D metal printing is an alternative for turning- and millwork and is among others suitable for production in lower volumes, complex forms and precision parts. The CREATOR enables tool-less prototyping of metal components and allo­ws the creation of complex geometries with focus on on weight reduction, operational optimization, direct digital manufacturing and a reduced use of raw materials and energy. Too­ling can now be fabricated in a short time with minimal post-processing required, thereby reducing development costs while increasing speed to market – processings that were impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.


The CREATOR offers an excellent resource for academic and research institutions to utilize advanced manufacturing techniques for specific research into processes and materials, as well as for supporting engineering and manufacturing curricula. The flexibility of the CREATOR with open parameter selection options and the ability to utilise multiple strategy settings is a key benefit. The CREATOR incorporates the highest quality laser technologies to ensure high laser power and energy density. Learn more about our special packages for educational and scientific institutions.


Additive manufacturing techniques are increasingly used as a solution for producing molds as well as tools quickly and cost effectively, avoiding the exorbitant costs of traditional tooling methods. The CREATOR is capable of producing complex metal tools and molds at a fraction of the cost for small and medium sized production runs, which speeds up the overall production process and can greatly increase functionality of the parts reduces long delivery times as well as storage costs.

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